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Miracle at the Mission

Miracle at the Mission

After recovering from their daring exploits in the exciting first book of the series, The Ghosts of Westthorpe Academy, best friends Joe Pryce and Pete Figueroa return for another thrilling, action-adventure in Miracle at the Mission.

During a summer trip to California, Joe and Pete visit Mission San Antonio de Padua where they meet a wise and saintly old Franciscan monk who warns them of the dangers they would soon face. The boys are drawn into a series of events filled with suspense, mystery, espionage, a highspeed car chase, and an assassination attempt by Russian operatives trying to disrupt a G-7 Summit of world leaders hosted by the President of the United States.

Caught up in the pursuit of the assassins, the boys discover they have become suspects in the investigation. They must prove their innocence while also counting on the guidance of the old padre, who happens to bear a strange resemblance to Saint Junipero Serra himself.

With the world teetering on the brink of an international crisis, the story reaches its climax at another mission—Mission San Carlos Borromeo in Carmel—where the boys, and a large gathering of people, witness an incredible miracle that changes their lives forever.

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